EV charging with the app Mer Connect Sweden

Our app Mer Connect Sweden makes it easy for you to find available chargers when you’re on the go. It gives you a full overview of your charging journey and profile, and you can charge and pay for your charge easily.

Mer Connect Sverige

Connect – Press start – Charge – Pay. It’s actually that simple!

Mer Connect Sverige

Your guide to EV charging

Download Mer's app Mer Connect Sweden to easily find the nearest charging points. In the app, the charging locations are marked with symbols that show the type of charger. Here you can also see if the charging station is available and which contacts it has. With the app, you can also charge and pay for your charge.

Start and stop charging

Use Mer Connect Sweden when you start and end charging. Simple and practical!

Easy payments

With the app, you can easily pay for your charge, either as a registered customer or via direct payment if that suits you better.

Full overview

Get an overview of your charging through “Charging history” in the app.

Charging map and navigation

In the app, you get an overview of all charging stations in the charging network Mer in Sweden and Norway. You can easily see which chargers are near you and whether they are free or busy. You get directions to the charger and can easily navigate to the charging station.

In order to use the app, you need to create an account and verify your email address before you can start your first charging session. You create an account using your email address and enter the password you want. In the next step, an email is sent to the email address you created the account with that needs to be verified. Check your spam folder if you do not receive the verification email in your inbox. When you have verified your email, you need to add a payment card.

You are now ready to use the app for charging at our public charging stations.

Currently, you as a user can only have the Mer Flexible subscription via the app. The option to switch to the More Around subscription is under development.

We use a common European standard for outlet marking of charging posts. The easiest way is to start charging by navigating to the charger you are standing by via the charging map in our app, and selecting the desired socket by clicking on the socket symbol in the location view. You can navigate to your nearest charger by clicking the navigation icon at the bottom right of the map view or by zooming in manually.

Alternatively, you can start manually by pressing the charging button and then keying in the numbers of the EVSE-ID with the first five digits to the left of the dot and the last two digits to the right of the dot.

EVSE ID: SE-MER-E2124401
Previous marking: 21244.01 (this has been phased out but may remain on individual chargers)