We have one of Sweden’s largest public charging networks with over 3,000 charging points. Our charging stations are located throughout Sweden, and you can find them in our charging map. As a charging customer at Mer, you can also charge in Mer’s public charging network in Norway. In addition to our own charging stations, we also have roaming collaborations and collaborations with parking operators such as EasyPark to make it even easier for you to charge the electric car along the way. With our app, Mer Connect Sverige you can easily find chargers, charge and pay for charging. We have charging subscriptions for all needs, whether you need to charge a lot or just charge the battery along the way. A free charging tag is included per charging subscription and is sent out by post after the order has been received.

Our charging map

Charging options with Mer

With Mer you can both charge with our subscriptions and with our app, Mer Connect Sverige.

Note that you need a Swedish personal number in order to sign up for a subscription. The option to charge with our app is still available if you do not have one.

Mer Connect Sverige

Your guide for EV charging

Download Mer's app Mer Connect Sweden to easily find the nearest charging points. In the app, the charging locations are marked with symbols that show the type of charger. Here you can also see if the charging station is available and which contacts it has. With the app, you can also charge and pay for your charge.

Frequently asked questions about charging in Mer's public charging network

We’ve been helping EV drivers with EV charging for over a decade and are happy to answer your questions. Below we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. You will find more questions in our FAQ.

You can find the current prices in our price list.

You can either charge with your charging tag from Mer or with our app,  Mer Connect Sverige. In the app, you can be a registered customer or charge via Drop-in (formerly Direct Payment).

You can find all charging stations in our charging map or app, Mer Connect Sverige. Here you can also find available chargers from our roaming partners by filtering on charging stations from other operators.

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