Mer Connect Sverige

Your guide to EV charging

Download Mer's app Mer Connect Sweden and you can easily find the nearest charging point, charge and pay easily via mobile. On the app's overview map, the charging locations are marked with symbols that show whether it is a destination charger or a fast charger. Here you can also see if the charging station is free and which contacts it has.

Public charging

Charge on the go

Mer has one of Sweden’s largest public charging networks with charging stations, and as a customer, you also get access to Mer’s public charging network Norway, as well as our roaming and  parking operator partners’ networks. You can easily navigate to the charging station through our charging map, charge and pay smoothly directly in our app Mer Connect Sweden, or with your charging tag from Mer.

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EV charging at home

Always wake up with a charged battery

With a charging box at home, you can charge your electric car easily, safely and efficiently and can always start the day with a fully charged car. We help you with safe and flexible electric car charging at home and you also get access to our public charging network in Sweden and Norway. Get up to 50% in tax credits for green technology!

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