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With fast charging, you can charge your car from 0 to 80% in 15 to 30 minutes (depending on the car’s battery capacity and temperature). When the car’s battery is charged to over 80%, the charging speed is reduced by half.

In our charging network, there are two types of sockets on fast chargers: CCS (also called Combo) and CHAdeMO. Your car only supports one of these sockets. Therefore, it is important to check whether the device you want to use has the correct socket.

With a charging box that has a higher capacity, it is possible in most cases to shorten the charging time quite a bit. Feel free to check out our compilation of charging times (Swedish) for the most common electric cars in Sweden and compare how long it takes to charge an electric car with three different charging powers (3.7 kW, 11 kW and 22 kW). Via the link above, you can also read more about which factors determine how fast you can charge.

If your car has a charging power of 10 kW and a battery capacity of 60 kWh, you can charge the battery within 6 hours with the normal charger (t = 60/10). You pay per started 15-minute period – regardless of how much charging power your car has.

You can see your invoices by logging in to My Case (“Mitt Ärende”) on Visma by using your bank ID.

If you have problems with logging in, contact Visma, either at [email protected] or by phone: 077 12 32 400

The warranty for charging box and installations that are carried out by our installers is two years from the time of installation. Keep in mind that if you have hired your own electrician and the charging box’s fault is due to incorrect installation, the warranty on the charging box does not cover this.

To report a fault with your charging box at home, we need information from you to be able to take care of your fault report.

Make a report

For the KEBA P30 EV-charging box, proceed to the error report by clicking here

For the EV-charging box GARO GLB+ proceed to the error report by clicking here

ATTENTION! Remember not to break the manufacturer’s seal in the charging box marked marked red below and marked with Warranty Seal, which mainly applies to charging boxes from Keba (see picture). If it is broken, it means that the warranty is used up.

Hur felanmäler jag min laddbox?

Here you can see examples of the images that you must attach to your report for the Keba EV-charging box.

If you want Mer to troubleshoot your EV-charging box, you can find the price list here

If the error report concerns a public charging station, please contact our customer service by phone or e-mail here

Which wall box you choose entirely depends on your needs. You need to consider choices such as whether you need a wall box with an outlet or one with a fixed cable, and which energy meter you have in your house.

A fixed cable is convenient as you always have a cable available, but you are limited to parking the car so that it is no longer than the length of the cable from the charging box to the car’s charging socket. You can also only charge cars with sockets according to the Type 2 standard. A charging box with a socket is more flexible as you can buy a cable in the length you need. You can also charge cars that have a Type 1 connection by using a combined cable.

You will find our updated charging map here as well as in the app Mer Connect Sverige!

Mer Connect Sverige is a mobile app app makes it easy for you to find chargers when you’re on the go! In addition to the ability to start and end charging in the app, you get an overview of your charging history and your previous invoices. You can also recharge with direct payment by adding your debit card to the app and start the recharge.

Start and stop charging
Use the app to start and end charging. Simple and practical!

Charging stations and navigation
With Mer Connect Sverige you get a full overview of all the charging stations that Mer has in Sweden and Norway. You can easily find which chargers are near you and see if they are free or busy. You get directions and can easily navigate to the station.