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Future-proof charging solutions for your destination

With Mer, you get a charging solution with a green profile that is part of our leading public charging network in Sweden and Norway. Connecting both new and existing charging stations to the network is easy, and through our app, Mer Connect Sverige, your brand and destination will be visible and marketed to our customers. As a comprehensive supplier, we help with everything from advice, grant application and planning, to installation, operation, invoicing and ongoing service and maintenance.

  • Part of Sweden’s largest public charging network
  • Flexible payment systems
  • Opportunity to get grant from Klimatklivet
  • Scalable and customised as needed
  • Charging support around the clock, all year round
  • Service agreement with annual inspection, remote and on-site troubleshooting
  • Opportunity to display your brand on the chargers
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Flexible payment solutions

You decide what it will cost customers and visitors to charge at the charging stations and can offer different pricing for different user groups. This is how it works:

  • You set a market price for charging (per kWh)
  • The user charges with our app, Mer Connect Sweden, or with a charging tag from Mer
  • Mer invoices the user for the charge monthly
  • Mer compensates you for consumed electricity per kWh through automatic reimbursements
  • Minimal administration

Our smart services

Our services give you a better charging experience.

Overview via My Pages

You get access to our digital interface, which gives an overview of the charging at the property’s charging stations, consumption statistics and saved CO2.

Proactive monitoring

Stable and reliable operating solution with remote troubleshooting and on-site service.

Combined charging and parking with EasyPark

Through our collaboration with EasyPark, our customers can offer payment for combined charging and parking with EasyPark’s app, one of Sweden’s most used parking apps.

Charging support 24/7

Our customer service offers the market’s best charging support around the clock, all year round when the electric car driver needs help with charging.

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Get 70% in investment support when installing a public charging stations

With Klimatklivet, companies can receive up to 70% of the investment cost in support from the Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) to install public charging stations in, for example, public parking garages, shopping centers or at entrance parking lots. If you need help with your application, we at Mer of course can help. In recent years, we have helped many companies with successful applications.
  • Grants to invest in public charging stations
  • Maximum 70% of the total cost
  • Applies to both charging stations and installation costs
Read more about the investment support (SE)