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Complete solutions for EV charging at home

Mer is a comprehensive supplier that helps you with everything related to your electric car charging at home. Our smart charging boxes are specially adapted for charging at home and come from market-leading manufacturers. Standard installation is included in the purchase and you can have the charging box installed within two weeks with the express installation service. We assist you with advice, installation and assembly and you have access to charging support via our customer service.

  • Smart connected charging box
  • Standard installation included
  • Possibility of express installation within two weeks
  • Charging support via customer service
  • Check your consumption with statistics
  • Access to Mer’s public charging network in Sweden and Norway
  • Our charging boxes are eligible for the green technology tax credit
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Our smart services

Our services gives you a good charging experience.

Standard installation included

Standard installation is included when purchasing a charging box. You receive advice, installation and assembly by a certified electrician so that the charging works optimally and safely.

Overview of consumption

Our EV-charging boxes are connected, which means that you get monthly statistics on your consumption. You charge at your regular electricity contract price.

Dynamic load balancing for efficient charging

With dynamic load balancing, the charging box ensures that the property’s capacity is used more efficiently when the car is being charged and protects the main fuse from tripping.

Safe charging at home

With a charging station from Mer, you get a secure charging solution with approved electrical safety.

Charging support via customer service

24/7 charging support when charging along the way with Mer and help with questions about your home charging via our customer service.

Charging in Mer's public charging network

As a customer at Mer Sweden, you get access to public charging in one of Sweden’s largest public charging networks as well as our Norwegi. You can either charge with your existing charging tag or through our app, Mer Connect Sweden.

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50% in tax deductions for green technology

Our charging boxes are eligible for tax reduction for green technology, which is an initiative to accelerate the transition to electric cars. This means that you can get up to 50% of your costs for installing a charging box, a maximum of SEK 50,000. You get the deduction directly on the invoice, just like with ROT and RUT, which makes the process simple and smooth.

Read more about the tax reduction for green technology (Swedish)

Frequently asked questions about home charging

We’ve been helping EV drivers with charging for over a decade and are happy to answer your questions. Below we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. You will find more questions in our FAQ.

In order to meet the requirements for a safe installation, a charging box must be protected by separate fuses and its own earth-fault circuit breaker. In our standard installation, we always put a so-called personal protection switch, which is a combined fuse and earth fault switch.

In modern power stations, the automatic fuses are placed in modules. Depending on how the switchboard is built, it may be possible to put the personal protection switch in the switchboard. The personal protection switch corresponds to four simple fuses in width. In power stations of older models, the fuses are instead found as so-called “plugs”. If there is no room in the electrical panel or if it is of an older model, the personal protection switch can be placed as a separate unit next to the panel. If this is needed, it entails an additional cost according to the current price list.

Read more about how the installation is done here.

You need to be at home and receive the installer and be present during the entire installation. However, no chargeable car needs to be on site – the installer tests your charging box with the help of a test tool.

You can make a tax reduction for the purchase and installation of charging equipment, solar cells and batteries. However, the deduction does not include costs for travel, equipment (e.g. tools) or administration in connection with the installation.